Do you (or someone near to you) find it increasingly difficult to get in and out of the bath, and are you looking to perhaps ‘future proof’ your bathing?

Do you sometimes worry that you may slip or fall whilst trying to get in and out of the bath due to its high sides?

If so, then you are not alone, and I understand how you feel.

My mum was in the same situation after she had a hip replacement, and she felt quite vulnerable when getting in and out of her bath.

However, she (amongst many others) found that replacing her bath for a shower made her feel safer and more confident when bathing, particularly when she knew she was in the house on her own.

If you feel the same way, just know that you have options (and I have highlighted them all in my FREE consumer guide to replacing a bath with a shower)

Swopping your existing bath for a shower is often a great way to make bathing easier and safer (not to mention potentially more stylish to boot).

Dan Sullivan says that “If you’ve got enough money to solve a problem, then you don’t really have a problem.”

So if you decide to prioritise your health and safety and just want to enjoy your bathing again, then you may want to consider replacing your bath with a shower.

Therefore, as I see it, you have a couple of options to replace a bath that is now impractical:

  • Install a specialist disability bath through a specialist disability company which can be very expensive
  • Replace the bath with a shower – either a shower tray & enclosure or some kind of wet-room configuration

Either of these two options will help to make your life better, but only the 2nd option is truly desirable (whilst being equally safe & easy to use).

We perform bath to shower conversions from start to finish, with all the bits in between taken care of (in about a week).

We do everything required from start to finish and project manage the whole process, so you don’t have to!

These conversions involve many different skill-sets, and we have experience handling them all.

Firstly, your space needs to be assessed & designed by someone who knows what they’re doing, and preferably someone with:

a) masses of conversion experience
b) a design background

I have designed, planned and then subsequently installed dozens of bath to shower conversions like yours so I know what works and what doesn’t, and I can help you plan your space effectively.

Oh, and I also trained as a designer prior to starting this company, and worked as a project manager for a design firm in my previous job many years ago.

This means that you’ll get a great looking shower that functions correctly for years to come.

The best of both worlds!

PS If you’re thinking about replacing your bath with a shower but are unsure about:

  • whether it’s even feasible
  • whether you should or not (there are a three things to think about here)
  • whether you can have a level access wet room or a raised shower tray
  • how much it costs (I can give you real world examples)
  • who you need to employ to make it happen (the 3+ trades required)

Then please download my FREE consumer guide to replacing a bath with a shower

We start the design & planning phase with a FREE site survey, during which time we take the opportunity to:

  • meet you and discuss your requirements

i.e.would you like to keep the existing tiles & shower controls to keep costs down, or maybe you would like a completely flat walk in wet room rather than having to step up onto a shower tray?

  • assess the feasibility of swopping your bath for a shower in terms of the space available, permissions required, existing drainage & budget etc.
  • measure up the space and propose a rough layout.
  • make suggestions towards what suite items and schedule of work would work under the circumstances identified above.

PS If you’ve already decided everything you want, then that’s great, but it’s equally fine if you haven’t got a clue and want some advice – this is what the site survey is all about (and it’s free with no obligation to buy – though we do have a helpful guide on pricing so you can see what’s feasible in your circumstances before you get in touch.)

“Hang on though, I don’t want to pay for a whole new bathroom, that will cost the earth!!!!”

And that’s why we offer a bath to shower conversion package which seeks to limit additional work to the rest of the bathroom in order to keep costs down (for example, re-tiling the entire bathroom when converting a bath to a shower is not necessary and we can leave your existing basin, toilet, radiator and flooring etc in situ)

Within a week, we’ll send you a highly detailed written estimate for the work to be done.

  • You can see where you’re investing your hard earned money as all prices will be split into different trades (e.g. plumbing, tiling, plastering, electrics, joinery) as well as labour & materials where possible.
  • You can be confident that your project will run smoothly, as the estimate will also state who is responsible for what and when e.g. customer will supply a & b before work commences, we will supply x, y & z upon commencement of work etc (so there is little opportunity for misunderstandings leading to delays and conflicts.)
  • You can feel safe in your choice of installer as an itemised, detailed estimate essentially acts as a contract between you (the customer) and me (the contractor) and helps hold both parties to account, limiting risk on both sides.

We may also show you what your installation is likely to look like so you can visualise the final result.

We can also advise you about the following items that you may benefit from:

  • Grab rails to ensure you can get in and out of the enclosure safely.
  • Built in shelving so you can access all your shampoos etc without bending down.
  • Fold down shower seats so you can bathe either standing up or sitting down.
  • Non slip flooring for safety.


After we have measured up your bathroom and assessed the current plumbing, we can procure high quality suite items from our preferred local suppliers.

This normally means the suite items (normally the shower tray / wet-room former & shower enclosure).

My primary bathroom suite supplier is in Armley, and they have an excellent showroom so you can look at your proposed items before committing to purchase (though I recommend having your FREE site survey done prior to going.)

We can also help to source matching tiles if you are looking to keep the rest of the bathroom wall tiles in tact to save on costs (or if you just like them!)

Please see my FREE consumer guide to converting a bath to a shower for more information on matching existing wall tiles during a bath to shower conversion as this can be THE biggest sticking point on theses kinds of jobs.

We can fit either low level shower trays (for a step up of under 2”) or completely level wet room solutions for no step up whatsoever.

We also supply premier glass enclosures that protect against the build up of grime, limescale and stains that are easier to keep clean with minimal cleaning.

Project managed bath to shower conversion

Having designed, planned & procured your new suite items, you now need to find some chaps to install them.

This requires more than just a plumber unfortunately.

Converting a bath to a shower will require the overlap of a few different trades:

  • A joiner (for wetroom installations) to open up the floor & create a platform for the wet room former so that the finished shower floor is completely level with the tiles surrounding it.
  • Possibly a plasterer to bond out the walls below the bath to level them up prior to tiling (though sometimes the tiler may be able to do this depending on their skill).
  • a plumber & an apprentice to fit the new shower tray and hook it up to the existing drainage pipework (or re-run new pipework if required).
  • a tiler to tile the walls (normally from the grout line above the bath rim down to the new shower tray).
  • someone to clean up!

Project managed bath to shower conversions by an experienced project manager & fitting team are much less likely to go wrong, over budget or over schedule.

I plan all of our conversions personally, and most are completed within a week, limiting disruption for you (and time spent without facilities)

All installations come with a one year guarantee on all labour & all materials supplied by us are covered by extensive manufacturers warranties (please ask for details.)

So to summarise

no stress sourcing lots of different tradesmen + less likely to go wrong / over budget = happy you

Similar jobs

We’ve converted baths to extravagant walk in wet rooms, and to simple walk in showers, and corner shower enclosures, so we believe we can probably design & install a shower that will work well for you

….and we don’t necessarily need to touch the rest of your bathroom so you can save money in this respect.

(Of course, if you want the rest of your bathroom doing at the same time, well, we do that as well…)

PS Please download the FREE consumer guide to converting a bath to a shower for more examples of our past work (with case study pricing examples) or check out my articles which may have some more recent jobs.

If you are thinking about swopping your bath for a shower, then YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS FREE GUIDE.

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