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Bathroom suites: Sanctuary bathrooms

If you're looking for a quality bathroom suite retailer then look no further than the only one I use. I've tested dozens of retailers, both online and offline and these guys are now my primary supplier.

Do yourself a favour and go where the pros go.

I've been through the problems of ordering online and receiving damaged goods or substandard products, then haggling over who’s responsible - but not with these guys. They're big enough to cope but small enough to care, and are highly recommended by me and others.

Tiles & materials: N&C Tilestyle

I use these guys for a lot of my tiling materials.

Their adhesives, floor levelling screeds and wet room kits are excellent.

Their range of coloured grouts & colour matched silicone is also excellent quality.

They also stock a wide range of tiles.

Next day delivery is also available.


Approved Products

Aquaseal Tanking Kit

Do tiling right 1st time and you will not have to do it twice!If water gets in behind tiles through....

a) cracked or missing grout

b) an incomplete / broken silicon seal (normally related to flexing of the bath due to incorrect fitting)

c) the grout itself (especially if you have a power shower)

.....and the substrate (wall material) behind the tiles is not waterproof, then it can fail resulting in tiles falling off walls and major remedial work to put everything right. £££££££!

Do it right first time and protect your investment. Use this easy to apply, all in one, waterproof barrier system to protect sensitivesubstrates in tiled areas such as showers, bathrooms and wet-rooms.

Get your all in one tanking kit here.

Full disclosure:

Everything listed here appears because I personally use them everyday to install high quality bathrooms in Leeds. This list has evolved as I have discovered the strengths and weaknesses of various suppliers and products over time. Feel free to take advantage of this list, but please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I may earn a commission (at no additional cost to you) if you choose to purchase through those links.